Paulius Petraitis


Contemporary Contemporary Photography

Most books you don’t want to get dated. This one should.

Contemporary Contemporary Photography is a follow-up to Contemporary Photography from 2013.
It is an artistic exploration into a changed landscape of cultural vision-making and
offers completely new texts that describe the motifs of art photography in 2017.
Humorous and with a certain tongue-in-cheek edge, it is an evocative exploration
of the contemporary condition of art photography and its making.

Offset white ink on black paper
Edition of 500, 2017
Published by Lodret Vandret

Smoke Screen

What does it mean to live in a world where the digital screen is so prominent?
Smoke Screen is an exploration of the condition of digital screenship.

Selected one of 10 favorite books at 2016 LA Art Book Fair by Huffington Post:

What happens when an image file becomes corrupted or obsolete? In most cases all one is left with is a file name, metadata.
Paul Paper's new book emulates the conditions of the digital screen and mediated experience, by separating the image from
its text, or "metadata," the keywords relating to the image. This smartly designed, monochromatic book frustrates easy
consumption of the image while calling attention to the digital image's constituent parts.

In the collections of:
Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA Library, Design Museum Denmark,
Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library, Swarthmore College Libraries

Colour offset and two-colour spot printing
Edition of 200, 2015
Texts by Rowan Lear
Design concept by Fred Cave
Published by Lodret Vandret

Contemporary Photography

A quick and painless anthology of contemporary photography,
containing short texts that describe the motifs of present day art photography.

Alexander Norton (review on Lapina):

This appears to be well overdue. A publication able to place a spanner in the works and challenge instead of follow.
As you may have picked up in my recent articles there is a theme of small dissatisfaction with the internet era
and where its mis-leading photography. Every once in a while a statement needs to be made. Although I've been
talking about it for sometime Paul Paper has actually done it without taking a photograph.

In the collections of:
MoMA Library, MACBA, Clark Art Institute, Joan Flasch Collection (SAIC)

Black offset printing
Edition of 500, 2013
Design by Nerijus Rimkus
Published by Lodret Vandret

Untaken Photographs

For more than a year, instead of taking certain photographs I wrote them down.
"Untaken Photographs" is a book about seeing, photography and the (limits of) image.
It is an artistic dialogue with the writings of Vilém Flusser.

b/w risograph, b/w & color digital print
Numbered edition of 100, 2012
Texts in English and Japanese
Design by Fred Cave
Published by Booklet Press

Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens

Edition of 30, 2011
Design and binding by Tadas Karpavicius

Lietuva. Stories of Everyday

First edition of 100, 2011
Second edition of 100, 2011
Café Royal Books

I Forgot to Forget

Edition of 60, 2010
Design by Jurgis Griskevicius

Photodiaries: Sofa-trip Around Europe

First edition of 100, 2009
Second edition of 100, 2009
Café Royal Books

Tiny Photographs of Melancholy

Edition of 500, 2008

Paulius Has Stomachache

Edition of 177, 2006
Illustrations and design by We Are Stomachache