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Steps To Become A Paid Working Psychic


Psychics are in demand more than ever. If you are a gifted soul with the potential to develop your intuitive and empathic abilities, you can help people in many ways and become a well-renowned psychic. So, if you want to get started down on this path, follow these steps:

Learn What Goes into Becoming a Psychic

Having psychic gifts isn’t enough. Like with anything else, you need to train it and hone your skills to offer value to people who come to you. For this, you will need to learn everything involved in the craft. This will allow you to offer a wide range of services such as reading tarot cards, providing information about past lives, offering predictions, and more.

You can consider getting your certifications from the top online courses like The Psychic School, Portland Psychic School Online, Clairvoyant Centre of Hawaii, or make use of the many courses available on Udemy.

Learn What Goes Into Running a Business

Being a paid, working psychic is a legitimate business. You will want to determine your business structure carefully. You will want to think about whether you want to work from a specific physical location or work-from-home and offer your services via video call. If you wish to work in a particular physical location, you will need to get a certificate of occupancy to verify that all codes and regulations have been followed.

Running a Business

You will also have to register for taxes and open a business bank account. You will need to fulfill all the necessary state and local business licensing requirements and get your hands on business insurance to protect your business from the likelihood of certain unfortunate, unforeseen events.

Start Marketing Yourself

You will want to start working on how you want to present yourself to your audience. For this, you need to wear the right costumes, create an interesting persona, and like so many psychics today, you can use a quirky alternate name that can capture people’s attention. Most importantly, you will want to create a strong impression that you are legitimate.

Start promoting yourself on various social media platforms. A good idea is to start a YouTube channel where you can offer regular readings and provide insights about various topics and themes to your audience. This is an excellent place for you to showcase your talents, skills, and experience. You may very quickly find your inbox filled with requests for psychic readings.

It is also essential to start your very own website. Make sure to find the right domain as soon as possible. The website must be aesthetically pleasing and contain all the necessary information. You can offer workshops and courses to people on the website.

All in All

All in All

Running a psychic business is certainly no easy feat, but it can be immensely rewarding and satisfying once you get the ball rolling and get fully established. There is immense growth in this field. Many psychics find themselves on television shows, and people are willing to pay a lot of fees to get accurate readings.


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Mary R Hamlin

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Mary D Wagnon

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Duane J Speicher

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